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Local SWENext Clubs

This is a list of local K-12 SWE Clubs in the Boston area, also known as SWENext.


Grades: K to 8th

Location: Maynard, Acton-Boxborough, Littleton

Our SWENext Club consists of students in grades 5-7, with the goal to support students through 12th grade. We conduct engineering activities for girls and will establish a mentoring program and with local women engineers.

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SWENext MABLE Outreach
Interested in getting involved? Contact Jean Garlisi at
Share your engineering field with middle school students with hands-on activity
When: Flexible, Various
Where: Maynard, MA Middle School
What: Hands-on activity of your choice to share your engineering discipline with middle school students. Additional volunteers will help with planning and day of event.

Ms. Einstein

Grades: 6th to 8th , 9th to 12th

Location: Walpole

My goal with “Ms. Einstein” is to excite younger girls about the sciences and technology in a comprehensible and fun way. As girls surpass the age of ten, their interest in technology drastically diminishes. The lack of female mentors and gender inequality in the field are some of the primary factors responsible for this trend. Through this program, we hope to show the girls the endless possibilities engineering has to offer by conducting simple hands-on activities fit for their age level. For example, we will explore the subject of chemistry through magnetic slime, dip our feet into coding through lego blocks, and learn about the engineering design through homemade catapults.

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North Attleborough High School Science Club

Grades: 9th to 12th

Location: North Attleborough

Our SWENext will be a part of North Attleboro High School’s Science Club. The Science Club’s focus is to provide the school’s students with the opportunity to learn more about STEM outside of school curriculum. We hope to foster an interest in the STEM fields with students to help them learn skills that will give students an advantage in the future.

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Oliver Ames High School Society of Women Engineers

Grades: 9th to 12th

Location: Easton

The OA chapter of the Society of Women Engineers club (or SWENext) is dedicated to promoting women in engineering. Women are an underrepresented minority in all STEM fields, but particularly in Engineering. As a club, we will work to learn about engineering, spread engineering and STEM to the community, and inspire more women to become interested in engineering. During the year, we will work together to enter engineering challenges and competitions, such as the Conrad Challenge. We will also dedicate a lot of our time to community outreach, for example, helping put on an engineering exploration class for young children at the local library.

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SWE with WHS

Grades: 9th to 12th

Location: Wellesley

The club meets about every one and half weeks over lunch to either meet with local women involved in STEM or discuss issues related to women in science. We also plan to do other science related activities.

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