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Past Professional Development Events

Professional Developments are hosted each month. Scroll below to learn more about some of our past events.


  • April – Engine Workshop with SWE NESS and Tufts GSWE
  • April – Ocean Spray Tour with SWE NESS
  • March – International Women’s Day Networking Event with Analog Devices


  • October – Onto Innovation Clean Room Tour
  • September – Farm-to-Plate AI: Enhance Freshness and Reduce Waste with Robotics and Computer Vision with MathWorks
  • June – Annual Banquet at Raytheon
October 2023 Onto Innovation Clean Room Tour


  • March – Winter Walk and Lunch with Guardian Agriculture
  • February – Creating the first seaglider with REGENT
  • January – Time Management with Abiomed


  • December – Diversity and Career Change with Draper and NSBE Boston
  • June – SWE Annual Banquet with Raytheon
  • May – Smoothing, Not Losing, Your Technical Edge
  • April – SWE Virtual Career Fair
  • April​ – Virtual Tour of Northeastern University Engineering Complex with Arup
  • March 2021 PD Event – SharkNinja
  • February​ – Kennedy Greened: A Streetscape Planned, Designed, and Now Built!
  • ​January​ – “Feelings at Work” with Liz Myers


  • December​ – Lunch and Learn Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
  • December ​- Brainstorming Meeting for Professional Development 2021
  • November – Bypass Your Inner Critic in Public Speaking by Abiomed
  • November – Virtual Ice Cream Social 
  • October – ​”Space Force Talk” by Major General Kim Crider sponsored by Charles River Analytics
  • September – Trivia Night by EBC Ascending Professionals
  • September – SWE and NSBE Workshops sponsored by MathWorks
  • June – “Annual Banquet: A Healthy Dose of Courage” by Susan Kaltz, sponsored by Raytheon Technologies
  • May – Defining Power, sponsored by Analog Devices
  • May – “The Power (and Poison) of Yes” sponsored by MITRE
  • March – “Success in a Fast-Paced Workplace” sponsored by SharkNinja
  • January – “SWE Boston New Years Celebration” by Dr. Preeta Banerjee, sponsored by FM Global


  • November – “Women in STEM: Overcoming Artificial Barriers and Exceeding Expectations” by Olga Seltser, sponsored by HighRes Biosolutions
  • October – ​”Cultural Competence,” sponsored by Sensata Technologies
  • September – ​”AI Workshop Night,” sponsored by MathWorks
  • September – “Web-Based Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning,” sponsored by Dell EMC
  • June – “Insights for Women to Leap Ahead in their Careers” by Barbara Borgonovi, sponsored by Raytheon
  • May – “Networking: How One Connection Can Change Your Career” – by panel of speakers, sponsored by MITRE Corporation
  • March – “Transitions in the Workplace” by panel of speakers, sponsored by Smith & Nephew
  • February – “Returning to the Workforce as a Tech Professional” by FlexProfessionals LLC, sponsored by Analog Devices
  • January – “SWE Boston New Years Celebration” by Carmelina Borsellino, sponsored by FM Global


  • November – “​Applying AI to Customer & Employee Experience” by Dorit Zilbershot and Allyson Barr, sponsored by Attivio – ​Postponed due to snow
  • November – “Intellectual Property for Engineers –An Overview of How to Protect Inventions & An Introduction to Patent Law as a Career” by multiple panelists, sponsored by Suffolk University Law School
  • October – “Demystifying CI & HCI”, by Dawn Levinson, sponsored by Dell EMC
  • October ​– “​Women in Technology: Engineering your Journey”, by multiple panelists, sponsored by Mercury Systems, Inc
  • September – “Hands-On with Deep Learning and IoT” by Shruti Karulkar, Anoush Najarian, and Louvere Walker-Hannon, sponsored by MathWorks​
  • September – “Crucial Conversations Around Career Development” by multiple panelists, sponsored by Autodesk, hosted with SHPE and NSBE
  • June – “The Software Princess goes to the Management Ball: An Exploration of Career Journeys” by Allison Kuzeja, sponsored by Raytheon
  • May – “Tackling Transitions” by multiple panelists, sponsored by The MITRE Corporation
  • April – “Women in Tech Panel: Defining Success” by multiple panelists, sponsored by UTC Aerospace Systems
  • March – “Leverage Your Personal Brand to Achieve Your Goals” by Donna Ceriana, sponsored by Intel
  • February – “Navigating A Complex Product Launch: A first-hand look” by Jennifer MacFarland, sponsored by HighRes Biosolutions​
  • January – “Lessons in Leadership” by Shannon O’Brien, sponsored by Qinetiq


  • December – “Operation Courage is Beautiful” sponsored by FM Global
  • November – “Building Your Leadership Skills: How to Influence without Authority” by Mary Adams Viola, sponsored by Analog Devices
  • October – “Women in Technology: Driving Innovation and Growth” by a multiple panelists, sponsored by Raytheon
  • September – “Learning Communication Theory, Practicing Verbal and Non Verbal Techniques, Experiencing Listening Tools,” by Elizabeth Cheever, sponsored by Sensata Technologies, Inc. w/ introduction from Sensata president and CEO, Martha Sullivan
  • September – “Reset Strategies: Making the Most of Stress through Concrete Strategies” by Dr. Kristen Lee, with MASS-AWIS, sponsored by AutoDesk
  • July – “What does Digital Transformation Mean To You?” by Tami Booth, sponsored by Dell EMC
  • June – SWE Boston Annual Banquet – “Engaging Men As Advocates to Pioneer Pay Equity” by Beth Carlson, sponsored by Raytheon
  • May – “Do what you like, like what you do” by Deb Schuh, sponsored by MITRE Corporation
  • April – “Meet the Experts: A Draper Technology Showcase” with Daniel Freeman, David Johnson, Tess Bailie, and Caroline Harriott, sponsored by Draper
  • March – “Data Analytics: Turning Big Data into Breakthroughs” by Mary Ann Freeman, sponsored by MathWorks
  • January – “The Proper Etiquette of Job Hunting” by multiple panelists, co-hosted with MASS AWIS
  • January – “Women & Transition: Reinventing Work and Life” by Linda Rossetti, sponsored by Amazon Robotics


  • December – “United Nations Sustainability Goals and Climate Change” by Larisa Schelkin, sponsored by FM Global
  • November – “Mentor and Be Mentored – A Powerful Career Management Strategy” by Rita B. Allen, sponsored by Intel
  • October – “Become a Confident Compelling Speaker…One who gets heard and gets results” by Debbie Fay, sponsored by Sensata Technologies Inc
  • September – “Nurturing Individual and Team Creativity” by Dr. Jerry Brightman, sponsored by Analog Devices
  • June – “SWE Boston Annual Banquet” by Lori A. Masso, sponsored by Raytheon
  • May – “Go Where You’re Not Invited” by Dr. Marion C. Michaud, sponsored by MITRE Corporation
  • April – “10 Strategies to Motivate and Engage your Team for Results” ​by Kemi Sorinmade, sponsored by EMC Corporation
  • March – “Women’s Networks and other ERG groups: Have one? Want one? What’s in it for you?” by multiple panelists, sponsored by Saint-Gobain
  • February – “Panama Canal Expansion Project”, by Mrs. Ilya Marotta, sponsored by QinetiQ